Saturday, November 26, 2011

Winter Splurge

Ruffles are one of this season's hottest trends and add a fun, feminine look to any style. While you wouldn't think to pair ruffles with athletic wear, Lululemon manages to add subtle but cute ruffles to their 
Run: Your Heart Out Pullover top ($108). While the price is steep, it comes packed with a ton of added details for your money.

Outside of the flattering fit and cute style, some of those details include:
  • Made with a soft, wicking fabric along with a special anti-stink material called X-static under the arms;
  • Flat seam construction and a zipper garage for comfort
  • Cuffins with thumbholes to cover your hands and keep them warm
  • Hidden love quote inside the cuffins
  • Zippered pocket at lower back to stow a key or gels

For the men, the equally cool Metal Vent Tech Zip *Camo top ($108) also by Lululemon is a great winter splurge. If you're tired of the same old plain colored tops, this subtle but masculine print will be a hit. It also comes packed with a lot of great details:
  • Made with the highly technical moisture wicking and anti-stink fabric Silverscent
  • Flat seam construction and zipper garage for comfort
  • Extra length in the arms with thumbholes to cover your hands and keep them warm
  • Hidden quote inside the waistband


  1. I love the ruffles! I'm actually curious what your take is on the new Old Navy activewear line. Lululemon is a little more than I'm looking to spend right now (darned ivf) and ON actually has some cute stuff, like this ruffled pullover: Thoughts?

  2. Yeah, the above are very high-end so not for everyone. Not sure I got the right top from your link but it was a Women's mock-neck active top. Not a great workout top as it is almost 100% cotton which will not wick sweat and will keep you wet and cold this winter. :( I'm curious about the line as well but need to go in and try some stuff on first. Let me know if you need some more help finding something!