Monday, November 21, 2011

Workout Buddy

I ran my longest run yesterday since hip surgery and it's all thanks to Kelly. An hour and a half! When I started running again after being away for 3 years I wasn't sure my hip would allow me to run regularly let alone run long distances again. I'm still on a high today (albeit a little sore!).

I didn't set out thinking I would run that long but time flies when you have a good friend to chat with. Instead of focusing on the little aches and pains you might be feeling, you focus on your conversation. Also, a friend can be really motivating and can help get you out the door to exercise. Not only can that person push you, but you are much more likely to push yourself a bit more and stick with a workout program if you have someone relying on you. Whether for a walk, run or bike, a workout buddy can make all the difference in the world. I hope you find (or have found) your own Kelly.

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