Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Be Seen

We had a terrible tragedy in the town that I live in this last week and it has prompted me to post this important topic sooner than I had planned. A 25-year-old law school student was killed while running on a foggy morning.  And while any death is tragic, it's particularly heart wrenching when it's a young person. My heavy heart goes out to her family.

Please, whether you run at night, in fog or in any inclement weather, be sure to wear something extra visible to motorists. Here are some options from a variety of vendors to help keep you visible:

  • Brooks Running makes an entire NightLife reflective line with both apparel and accessories so you can make sure you're visible. Here are a couple of key pieces from the line:

                                                  Nightlife Hat                    Men's Essential Run Vest

  • IllumiNITE makes some great jackets, hats and other performance apparel with a unique visible reflective design.

  • Nathan also has some great accessory pieces including arm and leg bands which are perfect for cycling.

  • lucy Activewear also has some nice reflective pieces with a cute dotted pattern for added reflectivity in the evenings.
                                           Run Tech Hat                       Fire Me Up Long Sleeve Top

Be seen and be safe!

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