Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More mat pilates and then some

We have had the most amazing weather these past few weeks and as much as I know we need some rain, it's nice when you have little ones to be able to get outdoors. Particularly now that my 8 month old can go to the park and swing, weeeeeee! It was nice while it lasted because it's all supposed to change tomorrow with rain, rain, rain in the forecast. Oh well, it was inevitable.

Good thing I've been sticking to my indoor mat pilates classes so that on those especially rainy days I can still get in one good workout (I've been combining my pilates classes with a run or spin on the bike to get in a bit more cardio). As promised from my last post on pilates, I took the advanced class and survived! There were only a few new moves introduced and they were manageable. In fact, the same moves that I did in my first class were actually a bit easier this time around so that was encouraging.

I've taken four classes so far and today I finally felt like I was getting a good handle on it. I'm still a bit sore after classes but not in the I'm-so-sore-I-can't-move way that I was after the first class. So, if you are going to give mat pilates a try, give yourself 4-5 classes to get into the groove before you give up. I really wish I took a mat pilates class like this when I was racing triathlons as it's so important to have a strong core when you are running and biking so much.

I am also going to encourage my parents to try a few classes as it's a great way to help with not only strength, but also balance and stretching which are really important as we age. So, mom and dad, guess what you might be getting for your birthdays?

I already feel a bit stronger in my core so I'm excited to keep up with the pilates classes and see where it goes. Slowly but surely I'm going to get my pre-baby abs back!

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