Monday, January 9, 2012

Pilates Mat Class Review

I've been keeping to my word of trying new things and completed my first mat pilates class. Pilates is supposed to help build a strong core and long, lean muscles, as well as increase your flexibility. Sounds good to me! My friend and I bought a great Groupon for a bunch of classes and decided to get started ASAP. So, Friday morning we decided to give it a go. One thing I liked about this studio was that they offered four levels of classes (from introductory to challenging). We opted to start with level three and just see how it went.

Like the Booty Barre class, we did work on both upper and lower body but the main focus was on our core area which is what I really need after having two babies. Also, it differed in that there was less of a cardio element (however, the most advanced class is supposed to have more) and because of the focus on the core there is a bit less leg/booty work. We used a variety of props including hand weights, a yoga strap to help with stretching, and a stool, which made me think that we might have to do a few Flashdance moves. It's a good thing we didn't, because I hadn't practiced "She's a Maniac" in awhile and I didn't have my leg warmers on hand either.

 I am sore - so sore that it's Monday now and I'm still sore. Despite being so sore, the teacher assured my friend and me that we could easily handle the most advanced level four class next time we went. You sure 'bout that buddy? 'Cause I have every single stomach muscle in my body along with some shoulder muscles, glute muscles and a few leg muscles that might say otherwise! It's a good thing though, as I really need to get my post-baby abs back in shape. They certainly got a wake up call. Let's just hope that by Wednesday I can actually lift my body up to a sitting position from the mat without straining a muscle during my next class.

Of course, because I didn't feel like I sweat a lot, the overachieving endurance athlete in me had to get a bit of a cardio workout later, so I opted for an easy hour spin on my spin bike that evening. I'll definitely write about the advanced class and how it differed when we go.

If you're interested in a mat pilates class, you can find one in your area here.


  1. Nice to hear you are that sore, it means it did something! Next you've got to try a pilates machine class, also on my list of things to do.

  2. Yes, I definitely want to do a pilates machine class for sure!