Monday, February 13, 2012

Sporty Looks For Your Little Ones

If you're a sporty mom or dad, chances are your little ones want to look just like you when you're wearing your finest fitness attire. My oldest daughter is always grabbing my running shoes and putting them on her feet and "running" through the house just like mommy does. She had the cutest pink adidas tracksuit (pic here) that she would wear to kids' fun runs that she has since outgrown so it's time to find her something new.

Here are a few adorable items for your fit kid:

An adorable half-zip just like moms and dads for those chilly days.

I love this classic tracksuit style to replace the outfit my little one outgrew.

This sporty jacket also has matching pants ($34) to complete this cute tracksuit look.

Skirt Sports Happy Kid Skirt ($36)

A running skirt for girls, how cute!

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  1. Yep, I definitely own this skirt in the adult version. :-)