Monday, March 19, 2012

7 Reasons Why a "Bad" Run is Better Than No Run

Home Sweet Home

I've been up half the night for the third night in a row with a sick baby or toddler. (I swear my kids communicate with each other in some sort of secret language about which one has the night off and which one wakes mommy up.)  I'm exhausted, cranky and have zero motivation to workout. I have two hours of mommy time and all I want to do is head to my local donut shop, scarf down two donuts and then hit up Starbucks for a hot chocolate chaser while reading the latest gossip on celebrities.

Instead, I suck it up and head out for my scheduled run. Even though I didn't break any records and I cursed the runner that passed me by as I shuffled along, wanting to yell, "I've been up half the night the last three nights otherwise I'd be kicking your a$$," I still accomplished my goal.

Thank goodness I did because...

7.  Running is fast.  No, not that I ran fast.  But the workout's over relatively quickly. In the time it takes you to sulk, eat your donut, and read the latest about the Kardashians, you'd be done with your run.  Now doesn't that feel good?!

6.  Exercise relieves stress. My husband and girls are SO thankful for this one.

5. I actually feel more energized now. Funny how that works but I do and I'm ready to take on the rest of the day. (See above pic of what my living room looked like when I got home. Sigh.)

4. Exercise is said to help you sleep better at night. (Um, did you read the above description?  Can you fax that little nugget of info to my little ones please?)

3. Calories. I must have burned copious amounts of them with my super speed so now I can eat guilt free, right? Bring on those donuts!

2. Running is like crack. I guess it was a bad trip but I still got my fix. (You runners know what I mean and don't pretend like you don't!)

1. Eating donuts (instead of a workout) while reading about celebrities that "bounced back three months after having baby" is NOT a good idea for a mommy of two getting back into shape. Just sayin'.

What are your reasons?

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