Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Fixer

Fall is here...or is it? The weather here isn't quite sure what it wants as we've had it change from the low 60's back up to the 90's within a week. Some mornings have been cool but then you quickly warm up while out biking or running. That's why I love workout pieces like the ones below that can quickly transform an outfit without having to layer pieces like crazy.

                  Speed Run Shrug                                                   Seamless Arm Warmers
This cute seamless shrug can convert any            These seamless arm warmers increase blood
tank or short sleeve shirt for a little more              flow while keeping you a bit more toasty.

A long and short sleeve option in one jersey. Love the versatility of this one!

Coolmax Arm Warmers           Drylete Arm Warmers               Seamless Arm Warmers

More arm warmers in a variety of colors that add warmth to any cycling or running outfit, yet are easy to pack away if you start to overheat. 

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