Monday, January 30, 2012

My Fit Valentine

Need a gift for the runner gal who has it all? Check out Rundies by Oiselle, these hilarious undies cover your best asset and workouts 7-days a week!


Tell your lady she has red hot legs! Nike Relay Capris ($54) from

Or that she's pretty in pink with this C9 by Champion Cardio Jacket. Valentine's Day Gifts Perfect for Her at


Cuddle up with your red-hot lover in this cozy North Face TKA 80 Hybrid Half Zip ($55) micro-fleece pullover from Nordstrom.

Run Like Hell Cycling/Running Socks by Defeet ($8.49). Fun on your feet!

Who says performance underwear isn't sexy? New Balance Men's Performance Underwear ($20)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Five Fancy Fitness Totes

I'm loving these five fancy fitness totes:


The perfect little bag to pack all your essentials in. The Zella Quilted Tote ($38) from Nordstrom is inexpensive and the zig-zag quilted front gives it a contemporary look.

Pockets aplenty from your keys to your shoes, the Destined for Greatness Duffel ($128) from Lululemon has you covered.

Bring some bling bling into the gym without having to wear any jewelry with the Pleated Pocket Gym Bag ($154) from oGorgeous in Black Sparkle. I want one!

The Dizzy Barrel Bag ($42) from Puma has an old school sporty look with a sleek design and modern colors.


The Zella Statement Hobo Bag ($68) from Nordstrom expands with two side zippers when you need more room for your gear. Yet it's also chic enough to use on a weekend getaway.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Your Future is Bright

High-voltage neons are the color of choice trending for the upcoming spring season. While designers used it with everything from shoes to bags on the runways, it's a great choice for fitness wear - especially if you are out on the roads running, walking or cycling. Yes, it's a two-for-one: you can be chic but also be seen and be safe when outdoors exercising.

Don't be afraid to bring a bit of the 80's back into your wardrobe with these five fun fluoro options:


The Zella Easy Breezy Hoody ($48) by Nordstrom is a thin cover-up  - perfect for spring days. It has a feminine cut and pretty ruched details in all the right places.


Also from Nordstrom, the Zella Z T 3 Tee ($32) is a technical tee at a great price. The curved seams and ruching along the seams make for a great fit and stylish enough to even wear out-and-about too.


The Under Armour Slash Capris ($49.99) are sure to be a hit among your girlfriends. While they look like the basic black capri from the front, a shock of neon yellow peeks out from the slashes in the back. Fun!

Moving Comfort Juno

Snap up this  Moving Comfort Juno bra ($56) in this fun neon blue color. It's an amazingly supportive bra and a favorite among women so this color is sure to disappear!

This adidas Women's Response Tee ($40) in hot pink with an open back is built to keep you cool while at the same time giving you a sexy, eye-catching look.  Putting this top on just might make you forget about that torturous workout you have coming!

Be confident, grab some neon and sweat away!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More mat pilates and then some

We have had the most amazing weather these past few weeks and as much as I know we need some rain, it's nice when you have little ones to be able to get outdoors. Particularly now that my 8 month old can go to the park and swing, weeeeeee! It was nice while it lasted because it's all supposed to change tomorrow with rain, rain, rain in the forecast. Oh well, it was inevitable.

Good thing I've been sticking to my indoor mat pilates classes so that on those especially rainy days I can still get in one good workout (I've been combining my pilates classes with a run or spin on the bike to get in a bit more cardio). As promised from my last post on pilates, I took the advanced class and survived! There were only a few new moves introduced and they were manageable. In fact, the same moves that I did in my first class were actually a bit easier this time around so that was encouraging.

I've taken four classes so far and today I finally felt like I was getting a good handle on it. I'm still a bit sore after classes but not in the I'm-so-sore-I-can't-move way that I was after the first class. So, if you are going to give mat pilates a try, give yourself 4-5 classes to get into the groove before you give up. I really wish I took a mat pilates class like this when I was racing triathlons as it's so important to have a strong core when you are running and biking so much.

I am also going to encourage my parents to try a few classes as it's a great way to help with not only strength, but also balance and stretching which are really important as we age. So, mom and dad, guess what you might be getting for your birthdays?

I already feel a bit stronger in my core so I'm excited to keep up with the pilates classes and see where it goes. Slowly but surely I'm going to get my pre-baby abs back!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Want to do a triathlon?

I still have a few free iPhone App codes available for my triathlon training apps that I offered for New Years. Simply join the Sweat Style blog and then email me at after joining!

Hurry before they are all gone!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Running Dress

We all knew it was a matter of time after running skirts came out that a dress would be next. Spice up your next run with the  Moving Comfort Distance Run Dress ($64). The vibrant grape soda color with pink contrast is so fun. It also comes in a more subtle black color with a pretty print called Ebbtide Floral.

Moving Comfort Distance Run Dress

Thursday, January 12, 2012

January Picks

Believe it or not - spring is in the air! Yes, fitness apparel companies are already launching their spring 2012 lines. Here are a few great items for both men and women that I've found so far...

My January picks for the ladies:

I love this lightweight jacket from Nordstrom called the Zella 'Curve Mélange' Jacket ($98). It has gorgeous details with curved seams on the hem and cuffs as well as body flattering topstitching. Functional as well, it's made with moisture-wicking fabric and has a vented reflective flap on the back. It will keep you toasty and looking great on those chilly mornings.

This cute, relaxed fit top from Athleta called the Wonder Wick-It Tank ($39) is made of a quick drying, breathable fabric with UPF 50+. The gathered material and cinch cord at the waist add a feminine touch, while at the same time helping to hide any flaws.

Love running skirts but want a bit more coverage and warmth? The Lotta Breeze Capri Skirt ($60-80) by Skirt Sports will give you both, with a capri that hits just below the knees and a flirty skirt on top. Tech savvy as well, there are two hidden pockets under the skirt to hold your iPod, keys, gels or whatever. On the right side of the waistband there is even a port to string your ear buds through so you can rock out!

My January picks for the men:

This lightweight, semi-fitted top from Asics called the Thermopolis LT 1/2 Zip ($50-70) is a favorite of mine and many runners. It's made of a soft, suede-like material for a comfortable, cozy feel both inside and out. It comes with thumbholes to keep your hands warm and a small zippered pocket to stow your goods. Available in a bunch of colors. 


A great relaxed fit pant for men, the Nike Rivalry Dri-Fit pant ($60) is made of wicking material and has two side pockets. Whether you are watching your kid's soccer game or heading to the gym, these pants will keep you comfortable and in style.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Pilates Mat Class Review

I've been keeping to my word of trying new things and completed my first mat pilates class. Pilates is supposed to help build a strong core and long, lean muscles, as well as increase your flexibility. Sounds good to me! My friend and I bought a great Groupon for a bunch of classes and decided to get started ASAP. So, Friday morning we decided to give it a go. One thing I liked about this studio was that they offered four levels of classes (from introductory to challenging). We opted to start with level three and just see how it went.

Like the Booty Barre class, we did work on both upper and lower body but the main focus was on our core area which is what I really need after having two babies. Also, it differed in that there was less of a cardio element (however, the most advanced class is supposed to have more) and because of the focus on the core there is a bit less leg/booty work. We used a variety of props including hand weights, a yoga strap to help with stretching, and a stool, which made me think that we might have to do a few Flashdance moves. It's a good thing we didn't, because I hadn't practiced "She's a Maniac" in awhile and I didn't have my leg warmers on hand either.

 I am sore - so sore that it's Monday now and I'm still sore. Despite being so sore, the teacher assured my friend and me that we could easily handle the most advanced level four class next time we went. You sure 'bout that buddy? 'Cause I have every single stomach muscle in my body along with some shoulder muscles, glute muscles and a few leg muscles that might say otherwise! It's a good thing though, as I really need to get my post-baby abs back in shape. They certainly got a wake up call. Let's just hope that by Wednesday I can actually lift my body up to a sitting position from the mat without straining a muscle during my next class.

Of course, because I didn't feel like I sweat a lot, the overachieving endurance athlete in me had to get a bit of a cardio workout later, so I opted for an easy hour spin on my spin bike that evening. I'll definitely write about the advanced class and how it differed when we go.

If you're interested in a mat pilates class, you can find one in your area here.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mediterranean Couscous and Lentil Salad

I got an iPad for Christmas and LOVE it. One of the first downloads I made was the free Epicurious App and it's been fun to look up new recipes to try. The main reason is because one of our new year's resolutions is to start eating better - and along with that expand our meal choices. (I feel like we got into a rut with cooking the same things as it's just easy when you're busy with work, a new baby and a 3 year old.)

Tonight I tried out the Mediterranean Couscous and Lentil Salad and it was delish!

Mmm, adding the tomatoes, feta cheese & arugula.
It was fairly easy to make and I made it even faster with the help of Trader Joe's steamed lentils (they can be found in the refrigerated aisle). I left out the chopped mint leaves as we didn't have any but it was still tasty without them.

Can't wait for lunch tomorrow - mmmm, leftovers!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Find A Way

Photo source
While many of us are making new year's resolutions to get fit or just exercise more, it's not always easy to reach those goals without the support of those close to us. One of the biggest influences in reaching your resolutions is getting your significant other on board to help you.

While they don't have to be by your side sweating it out on the treadmill, it does help to have someone who will support and encourage you to get out the door. So, sit them down and explain to them exactly what your goals are and what you need from them. Whatever they are, be specific so they don't have to guess. (Maybe it's more help with the kids while you work out or simply checking in with you as far as whether you reached your workout goals for the week.)

I'm lucky that my husband loves to work out and sees the importance in staying fit. We both talked about our goals for 2012 and are on board to help each other reach those.

Just yesterday morning, my husband had gotten up early to work out and thought it would be fun to go to brunch for his last day off of work. I still needed to workout and had planned to go on a run in the morning shortly after he returned and could watch the kids. While I wanted to go to brunch and enjoy myself, in the back of my mind I knew if I didn't workout in the morning, it probably wasn't going to happen. The guilty mother in me said, "I'll just workout later, let's go to brunch." I think my husband knew I was going to feel guilty so he said, "Why don't you just run downtown and meet us there." Brilliant. Why didn't I think of that.

Nothing wrong with having brunch in your stinky running clothes. So, I did just that, got in a 45 minute run on a different route, had brunch with my family and ate guilt free. :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tri Something New!

Happy New Year!

Is completing a triathlon on your list of to do's for 2012? Well, you're in luck. The first ten people to join the Sweat Style blog will win a free promo code for one of my best-selling triathlon iPhone Apps. First Time Triathlon will help train you for a sprint triathlon or Triathlon Trainer will help train you for an Olympic Distance. Pick your challenge and email me at after joining!