Friday, April 26, 2013

Not Your Little Sisters Workout Bikini!

Now that I'm starting to swim more and summer is coming I was on the search for a flattering but cute two-piece suit to workout in. I searched high and low and was about to give up until I found the perfect suit below! Carve Designs makes some of the cutest sporty two-piece suits along with other surf-inspired apparel and best of all, they fit an athletic women's body (yes, even one that has had two babies!) rather than a teens body like many of the other brands design for. The colors and prints are gorgeous and they are very flattering.

As you know, I love to encourage entrepreneurial women and as I learned more about Carve Designs I was impressed to find out that it was started by two women (Jenn and Thayer) who were passionate about surfing but frustrated with the lack of comfortable surf clothes available for women. They both quit their jobs and dove in head first to fill a need that they had a hunch about and I'd say they did the right thing!

Check out some of the other Carve Designs clothing below:


  1. I LOVE this swimsuit but could not find it on their website? Do you know if it is a new one that will be available soon?

    1. Hi Kerri, if you click on the scrolling picture of the suit (the small photos above) just above your comment it will take you to where you can purchase it. Let me know if that doesn't work!
      I love the suit too!