Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Upgrade

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday. I had a fun day and was spoiled with flowers, a gift certificate for a massage and some adorable cards from my girls. I especially love getting the homemade cards that are made at pre-school because you just never know what your kids will say when you aren't around.

This was what my Mother's Day card from last year said about me that was made by my oldest daughter when she was three:

I thought it was the cutest thing and got the biggest laugh from it. I couldn't help but think she might need therapy when she's older because most of the time mommy probably smells like sweat because of all the working out I do. I don't ever wear perfume so I'm not sure exactly what this lovely smell is that she is experiencing- maybe my deodorant? Or perhaps a lingering of sunscreen mixed with sweat? Of course when Father's Day rolled around my husband got a card saying "I love my daddy because he cuddles with me and reads me books at night." So unfair.

Well luckily this year mommy got an upgrade and she finally realized that mommy does many other things than just smells lovely. :)

What funny things have your kids written about you at school?

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