Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Race Report: Missing My Munchkins

I knew I wanted to do one more triathlon before the season was over and so decided about four weeks before to fly to Oceanside for an Olympic Distance race that would help me qualify to race pro again. I figured it wasn't too far away and I could go solo in order to focus on the race. I also thought a bit of a mommy break might be good for me as I hadn't been away from my girls for more than one night since they were born. It all seemed like a good idea...

However, I forgot what a pain it is to travel with a bike, it must have been humorous watching me trying to fit my huge bike box into my rental car by myself. The first day and night in Oceanside were fine as I was busy prepping for the race and I got to sleep in which was absolute bliss! That hasn't happened in 5 years!

The second day was lonely though and I missed my family like crazy. Admittedly I was miserable, truly miserable and just couldn't get psyched for the race. I guess it was a bit of a reality check in that if I'm going to try and race pro again there are going to be many times when I have to leave my family and for longer periods.

My heart just wasn't into racing and the fact that it was freezing didn't help either as I don't do well in cold. My fingers were so frozen in the second transition that I could not for the life of me get my helmet off. It was also hard not having anyone at the finish line for me as I really didn't know anyone at the race. I managed to finish though but didn't push myself and just raced comfortably thinking the entire time that I couldn't wait to be home. Made me realize how much I love those little girls, drama queen antics, mess makers and all. ;)

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